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Akhtamar's Surb Xach
Civil engineer, entrepreneur ,poet, singer, game inventor, writer… Responsible for everything else in vineyard and winery which is not in the scope of other team members.
Hovakim Saghatelyan trinity canyon vineyards

Hovakim Saghatelyan

Executive Director

Jean Luc was involved in the development of Trinity Canyon concept since 2011. Jean Luc and Maria Isnard are owners and winemakers at Domain Solence in Ventoux, France. / /He is consulting the team regarding the main aspects related to the vineyard management and wine making process. Jean Luc, being also the Director of Organic Winegrowers of Rhone Valley region, is delivering the concepts of organic viticulture to Trinity Canyon Vineyards.
Jean Luc Isnard trinity canyon vineyards

Jean Luc Isnard

Consultant Winemaker

Levon joined our team when we decided to plant some authentic Armenian grape varieties from the Vayots Dzor region. Being a hereditary viticulturist, he has been using all the knowledge gained from his father and leading specialists of viticulture in Armenia. Levon has planted more than 30 Ha of vineyards in the Vayots Dzor region for some of the leading wine-making companies of Armenia and has been working as a consultant and vineyard manager since 1981.
Levon Hakobyan trinity canyon vineyards

Levon Hakobyan

Vineyard Manager

Artem has joined the Trinity crew as a winemaker in 2013. He holds a BSc degree in Biology from Yerevan State University (Armenia) and Joint European MSc in Oenology and Viticulture from Montpellier SupAgro (France) and Geisenheim University (Germany). Artem is involved in main winemaking process and general project management assistance. ArtemCV
Artem Parseghyan trinity canyon vineyards

Artem Parseghyan


If you are keen to have a unique experience in the cradle of wine and willing to spend some days working hard as a part of our team (manual labor in the vineyards, harvest, wine fermentation etc.), we will be happy to host you. Students with a viticulture/oenology background and others who are passionate about wine are welcome!
*For details please contact us via email.
*Spartan accommodation and healthy food will be provided by us.
Trinity team trinity canyon vineyards

You can be part of it

Yogi is the protector of our vineyards. A pureblooded Armenian Wolfhound (Gampr) is with us since 2013. The family of this dog goes deep in the history. His father Aqsum is a representative of an old “Sarmat” genetic line of gamprs and the mother is from the “Khaburi” line. Always kind with the guests if they are not uninvited.
Yogi trinity canyon vineyards


Vineyard Doggy


The most important for us is being pure-hearted and ready to accept and share knowledge and experience. As one of our team members said “open-mindedness is not a skull fracture”. Same values we try to apply in our vineyards, carefully handling and taking care of our grapes, which finally reflects in our wine quality. Being on the way to complete organic viticulture and wine processing, we truly believe that only by respecting the traditions of Armenian wine crafting and moving towards most advanced winemaking technologies we can achieve our goals. Always ready for challenges and always a little bit drunk, Trinity team welcomes you!